She is 25 and lives in St George,
Utah. She loves Swig, watching the
Bachelor, the sunshine, thrift shopping
and brownie batter.



She is 21 and just moved
to Austin, Texas. She loves
daffodils, roller coasters and the
snow. She loves her nephew Cody,
and to organize and throw really
awesome parties.


Everyone needs some laughter:

That Time I Fell into a Shark Tank. Twice..

Like it says in our introduction, Alyssa and I love adventures! Our most recent adventure was in San Diego, California -- my home town! We did all of the touristy things -- went to the beach, ate lots of food, toured downtown and went to Sea World!

Speaking of Sea World... We went there on our second day in San Diego and we had a blast watching all of the shows, riding the roller coasters and walking through some of the exhibits.

At the end of the day we stopped by the reef shark exhibit and we were allowed to pet them -- (by the way, I am the most clumsy person in the world! So why they even let me in there is beyond me!) Anyway, Alyssa was hesitant to pet the sharks, but I kept encouraging her and told her that it would be fun and that nothing would happen... I think you all know where this is going. ;) So, I placed my hand in the tank and tried to reach over to pet one of the sharks, but there was water on the ground and I slipped and fell in.... Yes. I fell in a SHARK TANK!

I stood up and just started laughing, mostly out of shock. Alyssa just stared at me and said, " Alex... That's like the worst place to clumsy in! This is why we can't have nice things!"

You'd think that that would be enough to stop me from petting the sharks. But...obviously it wasn't, since I decided to try again. The second time around, as I reached in the water I actually managed to hold my ground and not slip and was able to pet a shark, but as I was petting this shark, another shark was coming from the opposite direction and my hand touched it's mouth, I freaked out, walked away, put my hands up and said, "I'm done... I'm done."

Note to self: if you go to SeaWorld, be careful not to fall in the shark tank!


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