She is 25 and lives in St George,
Utah. She loves Swig, watching the
Bachelor, the sunshine, thrift shopping
and brownie batter.



She is 21 and just moved
to Austin, Texas. She loves
daffodils, roller coasters and the
snow. She loves her nephew Cody,
and to organize and throw really
awesome parties.


Everyone needs some laughter:

Sewin' Throw Pillows

I super love thrift shopping. A while back, I went to one that was having a sale because it was the last Tuesday of the month, and I snagged some real ugly throw pillows:


I have a sewing machine I bought when I lived up north, and haven't really used it...but I decided that my apartment was kind of slacking in the color department, and it needed a change..bad. I washed the pillows first, because that would've been gross. Then I found some fabric that I liked, and started sewing covers for them. (I changed my mind once and found some other fabric that I thought fit better) and then I sewed them both in a few days! I was going to wait a while before I sewed the second one, and then I realized I'd probably forget and I'd have to start from the beginning, and I didn't want to do that.

Here's the final product!


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